Press Release: Announcement of results for the year ended 31 March 2023 

BRG Technologies UK Headquarters Image

Following inclusion in the Sunday Times 100 in 2022 and the Financial Times 1000 in 2023 that highlighted their performance and growth, BRG Technologies have now reported a consistent performance for the year ended 31st March 2023. 

Results for the year ended 31st March 2023 saw BRG deliver turnover of £106.9m, an increase of 8.4% on the £98.6m achieved in 2022 on which an operating profit, excluding exceptional income, of £12.0m (2022: £12.1m) was achieved. Profit before tax and exceptional income, was £12.2m (2022: £12.1m). 

BRG’s data centre division saw the off-site manufacturing of a +300,000 ft2 hyperscale facility that in operation will provide 24MW of IT capacity. This will be operational in under 12 months from dispatch, demonstrating capability in speed of deployment alongside a safer approach to construction, more sustainable technology and a level of quality that sets new benchmarks for major infrastructure projects in the industry. Further afield, the company signed an exclusive licence agreement with a new partner in North America, adding impressive experience and capabilities with over 1 million ft2 of manufacturing space and a broad customer base throughout the USA, Canada and Mexico.

Across their healthcare division, operating theatres remained the core product with multiple surgical facility projects delivered for the NHS and private healthcare sector helping reduce the growing waiting times and improve the quality of NHS assets. The year also saw the delivery of a state-of-the-art critical care simulation facility to a UK university providing the healthcare professionals of the future with a training environment second to none. Demand has remained high into the new financial year as the NHS delivers on its plans for new surgical hubs and community diagnostics centres across the country. 

Health, safety and well-being has remained a top priority, demonstrated by the Group’s RoSPA Gold award that positions them as one of the world’s top health and safety performers. New senior-level appointments have been made, and the launch of the business-wide “Next Gear” initiative has helped ensure safety excellence as the number and scale of projects continue to grow. 

Like many businesses, sustainability has also been a key focus for both BRG’s infrastructure products and their approach to delivering them across the globe. The year saw them become signatories to the Climate Pledge, a global community of companies fighting against climate change, and implement carbon tracking of all materials and movements in their main production facilities, the latter allowing them to accurately quantify and categorise all waste material arising from our production activities. During the year energy consumption fell by 14.9% from 1,456,216 kWh to 1,240,662 kWh, and reportable CO2 emissions by 18% from 431.4 metric tonnes to 353.7 metric tonnes. 

William Thornton, Chief Executive at BRG Technologies, commented: 

“This year, I am proud to have seen the business continue to perform strongly on all levels, growing revenue and people, whilst maintaining healthy levels of profitability. Significant developments and investments within the business have enabled this growth and set us up for further expansion in the coming years. 

“It was an exciting year in our two main lines of business serving the Data Centre and Healthcare markets. In the Data Centre side, we manufactured and delivered to site our first Hyperscale project, heralding a new and important product line for the business. The enduring impact of the pandemic on NHS and private health services saw sustained demand across our range of healthcare facilities that has continued into this year. 

“With an exciting pipeline of projects in the new financial year, we anticipate further growth and look forward to working closely with our data centre clients to deploy more ground-breaking facilities and with the NHS and private healthcare providers to help them successfully meet the complex and ever-increasing challenges they face. 

“To ensure we achieve this, we have continued to add expertise to our team, which in recent months broke through the 100-employee threshold for the first time. I would like to record my appreciation of the unstinting efforts of all of my colleagues who make our continuing achievements possible.” 

Finally, the year saw a rebranding of the parent company from “BladeRoom Holdings” to “BRG Technologies”. The rebranding coincided with a move to new Headquarters next to Staverton airport, Cheltenham, where significant investment has been made in the refurbishment of the premises to provide employees with the very best environment to work in.

About BRG Technologies

BRG Technologies is the global leader in the design, off-site construction and delivery of mission-critical facilities, specialising in the data centre and healthcare sectors. Headquartered in Cheltenham, England, since 2009, BRG Technologies has successfully delivered over 300 mission-critical facilities across Europe, North America, Australia and Africa, including data centres, healthcare and pharmaceutical facilities.