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Off-site construction

Any Scale of Requirement for anywhere in the world manufactured off-site

occupational health and safety ACCREDITED

Environmental Management ACCREDITED

Quality Management accredited

Factory First

We create the world’s most sustainable data centres and the highest-quality healthcare facilities. We do so more efficiently than anyone else, in both speed and waste, by truly maximising off-site construction and its advantages. Our approach has many benefits over traditional construction, providing greater predictability of programme and cost, and greater control over quality and sustainability, thereby minimising the risks to our projects. Our unique manufacturing approach offers a genuine off-site construction methodology – a ‘Factory First’ obsession to control quality and minimise programme, safety risks and waste by maximising the amount of works taking place off-site in our 15,000m2 manufacturing centre.

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Productising Mission-Critical infrastructure

We have productised our infrastructure technology through our ‘Factory First’ approach. Our pioneering approach promotes a culture more akin to product manufacture than traditional construction where our factory activities more closely resemble a production line where components are fabricated and assembled efficiently and safely.


Maximising off-site construction offers a more sustainable alternative to traditional construction as a more resource-efficient way to produce our infrastructure technology. Indeed, we fully embrace “Modern Methods of Construction” but take this even further with as much as 90% of the construction process completed in our manufacturing centre, where we have greater control over working activities, efficient use of materials, and waste management and recycling.

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Reducing project risks

Our tightly controlled manufacturing environment and the extent to which we maximise off-site construction means that we mitigate the risks to cost and programme typically associated with more conventional methods of construction. We are able to offer a fixed cost and programme for every facility ecause we know exactly how long it will take to build, and the precise quantities and timings of our material requirements.

Quality assurance

Every facility undergoes stringent quality checks at every stage of the production process, concluding with a review of QA completion status and comprehensive pre-dispatch inspection. Thousands of QA checks are performed and documented our ISO9001 accredited quality management system – a level of focus on quality control not seen in traditional construction.

Improves Safety

We reduce a significant number of health, safety and wellbeing risks by minimising site activities through our factory first approach. Our clean, well-lit and controlled factory environment means we significantly mitigate and in some cases eliminate risks associated with working at height, vehicle movements, dust, and disruption caused by third parties. And our “Don’t Walk By” attitude helps ensure that no identifiable risks get ignored. The success of our approach to safety is evidenced by our RoSPA Gold Award.