Health, Safety & Well-being

a responsibility shared by all

occupational health and saftety ACCREDITED

A Global Leader in SafeTY Performance

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Safety first

BRG Technologies designs, builds and engineers the world’s most advanced off-site manufactured infrastructure technology. We pride ourselves on the quality and sustainability of not only the technology we develop, but the processes we have implemented to deliver to our customers’ requirements. Health, safety and well-being is at the forefront of our culture, putting ‘Safety First’. We recognise within our values that our people are our greatest assets and we need to protect them. It is our responsibility to ensure that employees and others affected by our activities will be protected, so far as is reasonably practicable, from risks to their health, safety and well-being arising from all work activities.

Protecting Everyone

We are committed to consulting with our workforce and actively seek their involvement and participation in addressing all health, safety and well-being concerns, helping to identify opportunities for improvement. The importance we place on safety and the high performance we achieve is evidenced by our RoSPA Gold Award, one of the most prestigious and widely recognised safety performance schemes in the world.

BRG Technologies Health Safety Wellbeing PPE Image
BRG Technologies Health Safety Image

We Don’t Walk By

All of our employees are provided with specific and relevant training so that they understand, from their first day at BRG, the importance of health and safety. Our ethos, demonstrated by all employees, is “Don’t Walk By”, where no identifiable risks are ignored. This attitude is promoted across our supply chain and with our partners, instilled through regular briefings and collaborative meetings where ideas are shared and lessons learnt.

Mitigating On-site Risks

By manufacturing off-site, we move a significant number of health and safety considerations away from site into a carefully controlled working environment that is clean, dry and well-lit. As a result, we reduce the risks to our people through being in full control of all activities taking place in our working areas, and without the hazards typically associated with busy, outdoor construction sites such as adverse weather, vehicle movements, dust and third-party works.